West Partners…more than just investing.

West Partners is a San Diego-based private investment firm, deploying the capital of Gary &  Mary West directly into private companies for a long term hold.  Our permanent capital base – with no outside investors – provides us with the flexibility to consider any type of investment and any type of structure. At West Partners, we invest for the long-term, and we are not required to exit investments to satisfy external parties.


Founded in 2007, we look for companies in growing markets, with strong management teams. We also invest in commercial real estate. Our team has more than 50 years of investment and operating experience in a wide range of industries.


West Partners is part of the West Family, which includes West Health Institute and its affiliated entities. Founded by Gary and Mary West, the West Health Institute is dedicated to lowering the cost of health care by driving patient-centered solutions that make quality health care more affordable, more accessible, and more efficient.